Canadians love
the Internet. A lot.

Canadians are the heaviest Internet users in the world. Each month we're using it more often and for more different things, with no sign of slowing down.

We're spending
more time online than ever

On average, we're online

That's nearly double the world average

What we're doing online
has changed

Canadians aren't just browsing the web and checking email anymore—we're watching videos, streaming TV shows and downloading movies, which use more data (meaning they take up a bigger chunk of the Internet).

More and more things are
connected to WiFi

In 2008, the average household had two WiFi devices. By 2013, that number doubled, and it will only keep growing. Every additional device increases the overall household data use.

The future of household wifi use

We're doing a lot more

Western Canadians are the heaviest Internet users in Canada. The average Shaw Internet customer uses about 2.1 gigabytes (GB) per household per day.

2.1 GB of data is equal to each of the following

That's an average of 60 GB per household per month.

We're growing
with you

The average Shaw customer's data usage has increased 47% per year since 2001. To keep up with this incredible growth, we put over 2 million engineering hours per year into creating one of the most extensive fibre networks in North America.

Our network delivers more

Not all networks were created equal—with Shaw, you get the advantage of a fibre-optic network, and a superior in-home connection. Our combination of fibre and coaxial cable delivers some of the fastest Internet speeds in Canada.

What makes our network different?

  • All Shaw customers connect through our fibre-optic network—a massive Internet superhighway that could span the length of Canada 125 times.

  • Data exists the fibre freeway and travels to your home via coaxial cable: a faster, higher-capacity alternative to twisted copper wires.

  • With new technological advancements, our cables will soon be able to carry even more. Over 90% of coaxial cable's potential has yet to be tapped into.

  • Today we're achieving even faster speeds by connecting buildings directly to our fibre network. It's like having a freeway right to your door.

  • We're constantly building more of these freeways, connecting new buildings and businesses directly to the network.

Our growing WiFi network

We've developed a way for the Internet you love to go beyond your home service. With Shaw Go WiFi, Shaw Internet customers can automatically connect to free WiFi at over 35,000 hotspots (and counting) across Western Canada. And soon there will be hotspots that cover entire cities.

Learn about Shaw Go WiFi

We're investing in the future

In the past five years alone, we've put over $4.5 billion into our network. We're committed to delivering the best Internet in Canada for generations to come. Because the Internet isn't just a helpful utility anymore. It's our lifeline—a universal connection to everything and everyone we love. And that's something worth investing in.

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