On average, we’re online: 43 hours a month, equal to 21 days a year, equal to 4 years of our life

Wikipedia launches: January 15, 2001

LinkedIn launches: May 5, 2003

Facebook launches: February 4, 2004

YouTube launches: April 23, 2005

Twitter launches: July 2006

Netflix streaming: 2007

Netflix reaches 1M Canadian subscribers: 2011

Google+ launches: June 28, 2011

56% of Canadians have a smartphone: 2013

1/3 of Canadians own a tablet: 2013

Gigabytes of household Internet data usage per month. In early 2014, the typical Shaw home uses 63 gigabytes.

In 2008, each household had an average of two devices. By 2013, that number grew to ten, and it’s only going to keep growing.

A Shaw Internet customer’s average daily data usage is about 2.1 gigabytes (GB) per household.

2.1 GB of data usage is equal to:
3145 FB Views (1 FB = 700KB)
550,500 Tweets (1 Tweet = 4KB)
29,360 Emails (If 1 email = 75KB)
670 Ft of Film (DVD = 4.7GB, 1500 ft of film per DVD)
29 Cassettes (Average of 60 - 90 MB's per cassette)

[Shaw’s] built one of the largest fibre optic networks in North America.

Our fibre optic cables now cover over 625,000 kilometres.

With the ability to connect devices in over 30,000 hotspots, Shaw users quickly ramped up their activity online — with the number of sessions per month growing from one million in the first month to over 40 million per month today.